Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Ache in All of Us

Becoming Myself: Embracing God's Dream of You

In her book 'Becoming Myself' Stasi Eldredge writes:
"The Welsh have a word for the ache in one’s heart for its true home,
 for the longing that goes deeper than understanding: hiraeth.
 It is a holy word for a holy ache."
That ache is in all of us.  
Sometimes our lives are so full that we are unaware of it.   
Other times the need becomes such a deep knowing and knawing that it threatens to consume.
We have a choice when this happens... 
We can turn to familiar forms of anesthesia the world offers us to dull the pain: busyness, pursuit of career, the excitement of a new romance... 
Perhaps just attempt to escape the pain with alcohol, food, or whatever our past numbing tool of choice has been...
But do these remedies ever last?  Or are they just temporary bandaides on a gaping wound?
In Stasi's book she gives real solutions to this problem.  It is a book that, if taken to heart, can enrich and encourage in surprising ways!

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