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Do you have some favorite heart healthy recipes or recipe links?  I hope you will share them with all of us in the comment section below!

Too Easy Turkey

Several years ago I joined a weight loss clinic to lose weight.  I had been feeling poorly for sometime and one day drove past the clinic and decided:  ”Today’s the day I really do something about all these extra forty pounds that have somehow attached to my body.  I am weary of being tired and bloated and not wearing the clothes I use to love! ”
Even though I had tried and failed several fad diets in the past this time I succeeded!  I lost forty pounds in four months and went from a size 16 to a size 8!!!  The first couple of weeks were pretty rough, like I thought I was going to starve or die from cravings!  But I did not, and as my body adjusted to eating three healthy meals a day plus two snacks, I really did not get hungry and the weight just seemed to drop off!  At one point I actually was losing so fast I skipped a size and the size twelve clothes I had bought and been aiming to fit into were too big when I finally tried them on!
One of my dishes I cooked during this weight loss  time was so easy that I’m not sure I can really call it a recipe!  I would just place a turkey breast in the crockpot, frozen or thawed either way!  If frozen I would set the crockpot on high for a couple of hours and then decrease it to low for about five hours.  Preparation was very simple.  Rinse the turkey and pat dry then place in a crockpot breast side up.  Spray top side with spray margarine and sprinkle with Williams Sonoma Organic Turkey Herbs (Thanksgiving Blend).  Unfortunately Williams Sonoma has quit selling this blend but enough customers are complaining I think they may bring it back!  In the mean time they have a similar blend called Herbs of Provence they are recommending.
That’s it…as I mentioned it is almost just too easy to call a recipe but it is really good!  I hadn’t made it in awhile but brought it back for our New Year’s dinner today and it got rave reviews from the family.  The children even went back for seconds too!
When I was on my diet I would make this on the weekend and thus have a  good protein source for use during the rest of the week.  It was great to take to work with me and when you pair it with some low sugar cranberry sauce you’ve got something that can delight any heart!

Tea Popsicles

When the cravings really start, like when you’re sitting there at night watching your favorite TV show and your stomach says “Remember this is the time you usually give me something yummy!”  try tea popsicles!!!
There are some great fruity teas at the stores now so just use your favorite brand of peach, raspberry or other flavored green or herbal tea.  Sweeten with honey or artificial sweetner and you have got your own unique heart skipping treat!!!
Slightly thaw 2 cups unsweetened frozen fruit of your choice. ( I use frozen peaches or strawberries.)
Mix fruit with ½ cup water, ½ cup cold fruit flavored tea and honey or artificial sweetner to taste.
Pour into molds or paper cups and freeze until mixture is slightly soft.
Insert sticks & continue to freeze until pops are hard.

Here are links to websites with  heart healthy recipes:



This is a delicious sugar, yeast and  gluten free flatbread recipe.  Picture above is my sister-in-law's version which has one banana and one half cup each of walnuts and raisins added to the original recipe.  Either version is delicious and a healthy alternative for those who want to remove sugar, yeast and gluten from their diet ~
Below is a link to Eating with Purpose so you can see great pics and directions for making this bread:

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