Monday, February 3, 2014

My New 'Get Healthy' Helper

A friend commented a few year's back that she had never seen 
anyone who ate as much 'fast food' as I did!   
I used to know where every drive through junk food establishment
was in town and used them often.
Fast forward to the present....
After two lung surgeries for cancer my family and friends have finally
convinced me there is some truth to that old adage: "You are what you eat!"
I have discovered I actually feel better when I put nutritious real cuisine 
in my body instead of the 'just get by' sugar and chemical loaded food wannabes.
Changing years of bad choices requires a little help...
Enter Pocket Superfoods!!!
This little book not only helps guide me to the best foods to eat 
but it also gives suggestions on how to shop for and prepare them.
Also included are helpful websites to find more info on living a healthy lifestyle.
A list of sites to discover and try new recipes is there too.
This little book is one of my new best friends....
I plan to bring it along with me to the grocery store-
Change is possible.... Sometimes we just need a little help!

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