Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have not posted here in fact for several months.  My life took a sudden turn at the end of last summer when I received an unexpected phone call one day.  I was just returning from a delightful lunch with friends at a quaint little place called PORCHES when my cell phone rang.   That call changed my life as it began a journey of recovery from lung cancer...
I coped with the news and subsequent needed medical procedures well for the first couple of months....full of faith and confidence that GOD would take care of things and that I would soon return to my normal busy life.  Recuperating from surgery and then facing chemo eventually tested my faith in GOD in ways I could not have  possibly imagined.  Grief, anger, frustration and the big ones: anxiety and fear overwhelmed me when my physical challenges did not end in the time frame I had pictured.  The unshakeable belief I thought I had in GOD's love and protection were suddenly in shambles and I felt like I had lost myself....wondering who it was I had become!   Our LORD was there though the whole time...just waiting for me to quit looking at circumstances and look to HIS PROMISES & TRUTHS.  The peace and joy I had lost came flooding back as I finally worshiped and sought intimacy in the stillness HE was providing for me.   I realized that this was a special time to spend with HIM in quiet and rest allowing HIM to pour into me new things that I needed in my life. 

In the Bible GOD tells us over a hundred times to not fear!   He knows that we have a human tendency to do just that so HE provides help to overcome anxiety.  In Phillippians 4:6-8  a formula is provided:
1.  Talk to GOD about everything. Talk to him as your best friend.  Unlike people HE doesn't get overburdened...HE can handle all your cares!!! HE never tires of listening to you!!!
2.  Tell GOD what you need (supplication).  James 4:2 says we don't have because we won't ask.  Matthew 21:22 tells us: "Whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."  Be bold and tell HIM!!!
3.  Give GOD thanks for all HE has already done.  Does that mean we thank HIM for the horrible situation we may be facing?  No, but it does mean we thank HIM because HE has already done what is necessary to help us.  Christ died on that cross and rose again.  HE will supply all our needs (see Phil. 4:19), not just some of them.  Give thanks it is already done!!!
4.  Believe GOD can help you.  HE has promised us and GOD doesn't break promises like must trust HIM to be true to HIS WORD!
5.  Meditate on the positive and true things of GOD.  Phillipians 4:8 tells us what kinds of things to meditate upon.  What are true things?  The things GOD has promised us.  When we do this, the promise is we will have the peace of GOD, and our hearts and minds will be guarded. 

Worship your Creator who wants to hear your cares and reassure you how much HE truly loves you.  No matter what you may be anxious about tell GOD and work the formula.  You will experience HIS AMAZING GRACE and find peace!!!

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