Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Do It

My first reaction to Holly Gerth's book You're Going to Be OK was to stand up and yell: 
"Yes, this is really how to do it!!!"

For many years of my life I struggled to live the life I wanted to live due to ineffectual
thought processes and an inability to process my emotions correctly.   As Holly writes:
"By understanding that emotions simply communicate to us what is happening in our lives
we can learn to listen to them, express them, and ask God what he wants to do with them."

If this helpful guide is taken to heart, I believe it will be a life changer for anyone reading it.
Full of thought provoking questions and tools, it presents a practical guide to traversing
the peaks and valleys of life and difficult challenges we face along the way.  The book includes 
a clear picture of what heathy relationships with ourself, God, and others look like and how to develop them.

As a survivor of abuse, PTSD,  and a two time lung cancer survivor,  I have found the following quote from this book to be especially true:
"Life is hard.  Happiness is found not through escaping that reality but by embracing it."

You're Going to Be OK provides practical suggestions of how to do it successfully!

(I was provided an electronic copy of this book by the publisher for honest review.)

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