Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get A True Reflection

We often start off with the best intentions to serve God with our whole heart but somewhere along the way our desires become polluted with the human condition of 'me, myself, and I'.
Reading this book is like looking into a clear unclouded mirror and seeing your true heart reflected back at you!   This book can be a great 'sifter' of motives, attitudes, and 'nitty gritty' beliefs.
If you want to serve God in a deeper, pure and undivided way this book will challenge and help you!
FLESH provides direct true perspective regarding what ministering to God's people is all about:
"People are not pagans to be converted, projects to be preached at, or demographics to be reprogrammed.  Humans should never be generalized, categorized, dismissed, judged, or underestimated.  Every person is a story, rich with history, experiences, creative potential, strength and weaknesses, clarity, and blindness."

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