Monday, June 18, 2012

Draw Me, LORD

In 2 Timothy3:1-5 (NAS) Paul lists eighteen characteristics to describe mankind's attitudes during End Times:
  1. Lovers of themselves (self centered, conceited, egotistical)
  2. Lovers of money (greedy for money, avaricious)
  3. Boasters (braggarts, full of great swelling words)
  4. Proud (arrogant, haughty, overbearing)
  5. Blasphemers (evil speakers, profane, abusive, foulmouthed, insulting)
  6. Disobedient to parents (rebellious, undutiful, uncontrolled)
  7. Unthankful (ungrateful, lacking in appreciation)
  8. Unholy (impious, profane, irreverent, holding nothing as sacred)
  9. Unloving ( hard hearted, unnaturally callous, unfeeling)
  10. Unforgiving (refusing to make peace, refusing efforts toward reconciliation)
  11. Slanderers (spreading false and malicious reports)
  12. Without self control (men of uncontrolled passion, debauched)
  13. Brutal (savage, unprincipled)
  14. Despisers of good ( haters of whatever or whoever is good; utterly opposed to goodness in any form)
  15. Traitors (betrayers)
  16. Headstrong (reckless, self-willed, rash)
  17. Haughty (making empty pretensions, conceited)
  18. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (those who love sensual pleasures but not God)        God is looking for a remnant that will go all the way with HIM!!!  Regardless of all the 'doom and gloom' news you hear and the 'mess' you see all around you, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!
HE wants you by HIS side...Are you ready???   If so, it is time to change your stance, gird up your mind, rise from complacency and take back what is yours!!!  
The WORD OF GOD encourages us to press forward and move into a place of victory and maturity.  Then we will become fully alive and understand what is the Lord's will for our lives.

Let us go on... to other things and become mature in our understanding, as strong Christians ought to be.
Hebrews 6:1, TLB  
Why not ask HIM today to draw you to Himself in a way that is even beyond your comprehension?  I am asking HIM this very thing also.   Below is a worship song a friend sent me recently.  The words echo the cry of my heart:
Draw Me, LORD...that I might follow you with a new and unreserved passion & focus.  It is time to go all the way!!!
DRAW ME by Catherine Mullins


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