Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Told You You Were Naked?

A powerful message of truth.
An encouraging word of compassion.
A timely reminder of grace.               

My friend, Thom Hunter,  has written another good book!  I have quoted his other one so many times I am sure it borders on plagiarism!   Thom is a very gifted writer with a powerful message.  This book will be sure to touch you in a new way and give you fresh insight into GOD's love and compassion.

Here is  a little more about it:

Freedom through Christ from the bondage of sexual sin.

Our 21st Century enlightenment leads us down a very dark path. We re-define marriage, re-manufacture the military, re-shape anti-bullying to focus on sexual identity, re-define the family, and refrain from sharing the truth. Christians are like the cowardly lion whose courage vanishes in the presence of a louder voice.  As a result, Christians who struggle with sexuality either go into hiding or into the arms of the counterfeit compassionate culture.

“Who Told You You Were Naked?” reminds us that God restores and rebuilds based on His never-changing truth, rather than by surrendering His people to the whims of ever-changing cultural chaos.

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