Thursday, February 10, 2011


Does life ever beat you down to the place that you feel like a failure?  The world and the enemy tell us so many lies about who we truly are.  When we accept Christ as our Savior we come into covenant with HIM.  That means we identify with HIM and amazingly HE identifies with us!  HE understands discouragement, failure, betrayal, and the other things that can take us under if we forget who we are IN HIM!!!  I cried out to GOD recently in a time of lowness and HE used this video to encourage me.  I literally felt HIM pick me up off the ground and say "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, YOU ARE MINE!!!"
When we cry out to our REDEEMER,  HE always brings encouragement in big and small ways that are reminders of our true identity.  That identity isn't  'weak, failure and lost cause',  that identity is strong in Christ; Beloved of the one true GOD, and worth dying for!!!

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