Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year ~ A New Opportunity!!!

A new year, a new opportunity to grow, stretch, discover, focus and come closer to the heart of our Creator!
This year I desire to do many things just as I have desired and intended to do them in years past.  This year, however, will be different.  I will actually do them!!!  Why am I so sure that this time I will accomplish my desired end?  Because I have a plan!  Each of us works best in different ways.  As we learn to know our hearts we understand what works best for us.   For me, accountability to others works wonders!  I have learned from past failures that if I know I am going to be reporting to, discussing with, or reaching a goal beside another sojourner then I am much more apt to focus and reach my goal.  I used to feel so badly about myself when I failed, but now I know that failing only means I have the oppportunity to learn and next time make adjustments that bring me closer to my desired end.  My goals this year that involve accountability include the following:
  1. Read the Bible in 90 days along with other study group members.
  2. Memorize 2 scriptures a month and blog  my thoughts on them as I join with friends in an online memory group.
  3. Attend a Precepts class each week and learn about God’s Covenants and receive new understanding of HIS plan for my life and the lives of others.
  4. Participate in a 3 month eating plan with my husband with a focus on developing healthier eating habits and weight loss.  This will include planning meals for the week ahead of time instead of running to the cabinet and frig for whatever is fast and easy, whether it is good for us or not!
  5. Follow my daughter’s example and begin using coupons and price comparisons so that I can be a frugal shopper.  The more money I save in shopping the more money I will have available to help those in true need!
  6. Journal daily my progress even while traveling.  With my IPhone which allows me to email and write notes there is no reason I cannot find a time to record my progress.
  7. Spending time in worship and prayer have always been something I especially love to do but this year I plan to intentionally record more of my thoughts and conversations with GOD.
Accountability also has other fringe benefits: it develops strong bonds of friendship as we partner with others and share our struggles and victories!  I have been so blessed in the past few years as I have learned to share honestly and openly with others in accountabilty times and allowed myself to receive their suggestions to improve my life.  Of course, not all suggestions are good, but if we ask the HOLY SPIRIT to give us HIS wisdom and discernment we learn what to take into our hearts and what to let go of.
What is your best way of accomplishing your goals?  If you have not tried meeting on a regular basis with an accountability partner I encourage you to do so.  If you do not know anyone and you are interested in pursuing this way of growing just email me and I will find you an accountability partner you can meet with online to encourage you and help you keep your heart focused.
May your 2011 be full of many successes and may you draw closer each day to the only true SOURCE of  strength:

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